Plant Biotechnology Unit

New research infrastructure will be used in integrated studies on plants and products of plant origin that have both basic and applied significance. Particularly, it regards to secondary plant metabolites with antitumour activity, such as taxol (drug applied in chemotherapy) and photosynthetic dyes, which derivatives may be used as photosensibilizators in photodynamic therapy. In Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, studies will be conducted in order to monitor the processes of biosynthesis of secondary metabolites that may be potentially applied in anticancer therapy. Moreover, studies on plant species that may be used in biomonitoring of environmental pollution and detection of early contamination will be undertaken in the laboratory.

New laboratory will enable us to:

  • culture plants, tissues and plant cells on preparative scale in controlled conditions;
  • transform plants in order to amplify their particular attributes;
  • modify the secondary metabolites biosynthesis paths;
  • receive the secondary metabolites of biological and therapeutic activity;
  • apply plants in pollution biomonitoring;
  • project and evaluate new generations of photosensibilizators.
Purchased equipment:



Persons in charge:

prof. Halina Gabrys, PhD, DSc
Leszek Fiedor, PhD, DSc