Animal facility

An animal house, currently located at the Faculty, has an area of 67 m², which is insufficient for our needs and hampers research projects managed by the Faculty employees. It also lowers the quality of the researches. Current breeding and experimental conditions does not meet European standards. One of the reasons for extension of the animal house is to introduce unique and so far unavailable models of transgenic animals, required e.g. for advanced research on immune system. The possibility of conducting research on transgenic animals is a standard in European laboratories. The animal house will contribute to the research with use of all kinds of transgenic mice – both those which are available commercially and those produced by the employees of the Faculty within research projects. New animal house will enable us to maintain simultaneously 4 500 of mice, 100 of hamsters, 20 rabbits, 100 rats and 100 gerbils.


Extended and reorganized animal house will enable us to:

  • maintain large number of mice in proper conditions;
  • breed transgenic mice;
  • generate new strains of laboratory animals, that will allow us to establish new disease models;
  • conduct living animal examinations and histological studies;
  • produce monoclonal antibodies;
  • test novel drugs on animal models.


Person in charge:

Prof. Alicja Józkowicz, PhD, DSc

Professor at Medical Biotechnology dept. FBBB UJ