Since 2001, scientific activity of the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology is being held at the 3rd campus of the Jagiellonian University. The total working area is 12 800 sq meters and within this space, multiple research laboratories are located (including e.g. BSL class 2 units).

Current project do have an interdisciplinary character, linking several research teams and multiple science fields. Its main purpose is to create tools that can be used for research on molecular mechanisms of civilization-related diseases. Modern infrastructure will be used for R&D activities on prevention, diagnostics and treatment of e.g. cardiovascular system illnesses, diabetes, infectious diseases and neoplasms.
Implementation of this project will be of benefit to multiple scientists in Poland and abroad. We will also aim to tighten the link between science and business by collaboration with pharma and biotech companies. We hope that increased scientific potential of the faculty will boost local and national innovative economy.

To reach these goals we will focus on:

1. novel analysis methods of cellular structure and interaction between living cell and drug compounds,
2. novel gene expression analysis systems,
3. human skin culture techniques,
4. methods for molecular identification and quantification of human and animal viruses,
5. plant metabolite derivatives and photosynthetic dyes, as potential anti-cancer drugs,
6. animal models for diseases and development of potential treatment.

Seven new laboratories will be established: imaging cytometry unit, proteomics and transcriptomics unit, cell and tissue culture unit, molecular viral diagnostics unit, plant biotechnology unit, biological sample storage system, and a high-end animal facility.

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