Viral Molecular Diagnostics Unit

Main goal of the investment is to establish Viral Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory of BSL class II, which will be monitoring expression and prevalence of viral diseases. It concerns especially those viruses, which are connected with the diseases of respiratory system in Poland. Data concerning the viral diseases prevalence were obtained many years ago and they apply only for single pathogens. Therefore, new laboratory will enable us to elaborate and develop novel diagnostic methods – both those identifying the pathogens mentioned above and the pathogens which have not been recognized so far (with use of VIDISCA, HexaPrime methods).

New laboratory will also create an opportunity to undertake diagnostics fulfilling the needs of Tissue Culture Laboratory.

New laboratory will enable us to:

  • culture viruses within biosafety class II (human respiratory viruses and animal viruses);
  • elaborate and evaluate sensitive molecular diagnostic tests;
  • carry out researches with clinical samples;
  • introduce safe conditions of data archiving and secure access to confidential data.

Purchased equipment:


Person in charge:

Krzysztof Pyrc, PhD

Assistant professor, Department of Microbiology FBBB UJ

More information: ViroGenetics