Proteomic and Transcriptomic unit

Gene expression investigations at the transcriptom level (whole pool of genes undergoing expression) is currently a standard in all studies focusing on molecular biology of prokaryotic organisms, plants and animals. Creating new laboratory will enhance the quality of research, and in some cases will enable us to commence the research (e.g. research on different gene expression patterns in cancer cells).


New laboratory will bring new possibilites of:

  • identification of new disease markers ;
  • identification of correlation between certain protein damage and bacterial / fungal infections;
  • in vitro drug activity studies;
  • identification of new medicines with antibacterial properties;
  • analysis of human immune system response;
  • production of a large amounts of recombinant proteins in bacterial and baculovirus-based systems.


Purchased equipment

Person in charge:

prof. Andrzej Kozik, PhD, DSc

Deputy dean for General Issues, FBBB UJ