Biological Sample Storage System

Except for commercially available cell lines, we possess unique transgenic cell lines and hybridoma cells developed by the Faculty employees as the result of labor- and cost- extensive processes. As it is required that cell lines, cellular lysates, vectors and pathogens are stored in fumes of liquid nitrogen, development of a complex, protected and monitored storage system is indispensable.
Establishment of one central facility that will ensure the security of our resources, will simplify the process of their cataloguing and will enable us to share our collections with other cooperating teams. A database containing information on cells, pathogens, plasmids and viral vectors available on website (both in Polish and English) will be a result of this task. Access to the base will be provided to all scientists in Poland and abroad on their request.



June 2009

Official opening ceremony


Person in charge:

Justyna Drukala, PhD

Assistant professor Cell Biology dept. FBBB UJ